You look great in HD!

Whether you’re religious or not, the saying “God is in the details” is the mantra for the following article. Adobe Connect launched its stable release in 2012 and has since become on of the most widely used platforms for Corporate Learning and Development professionals around the world. The platform provides a solid foundation for developing training programs and in addition to delivering basic audio and video production provides depth in the available features and tools. In 2013, the market’s expectations grew and we discovered a need by consumers for high definition sound and video. Some of the expectations included the ability to stream multimedia in meetings, the requirement to deliver content in high resolution so participants could see small details and the ability to perform panel discussions. Thus, Talking Stick was created! High definition audio and video production that provides access to learning programs previously delivered in person to move to the online learning environment.

As innovation in the online training space evolves, the access, adoption, and attitudes on technology grow. Designing interactive learning opportunities online has become the most efficient and effective way to succeed time and monetary constraints. Think about how your training program is currently being delivered. The millennials of today have little to no patience for grainy video streams or dull, outdated content. It is almost impossible to keep them happy, however having high definition audio of video and the ability to provide multiple forms of media does make a difference to how participants consume information.   Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in the text.


One example of a Talking Stick use-case is with a client in the automotive industry. They provide training to students, mechanics, and salesmen, teaching them how to use the equipment and machines they manufacture. For them, ensuring that practitioners are using their equipment properly is critical from an insurance, training and safety perspective. As a global organization with offices all over the world, Adobe Connect has long been their platform of choice for training their geographically diverse clientele. For a number of years, they would send an employee to conduct a site visit and deliver in-person training sessions. They invested thousands on airfare because the standard quality of video that Adobe provides did not support their need to see the content in high definition. For them, Talking Stick was the missing piece to their puzzle. With access to high definition, training is now delivered virtually, participants can access the session from any location and a recording of the session is released so access to training is always available. In conclusion, the innovation in technology has had a positive impact on the bottom line while still delivering on performance!

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