Georgetown and Wiley Partner to Prove the Value of Virtual Learning





Educational institutions and administrators are constantly caught in the struggle to deliver virtual learning programs to expand teaching opportunities while maintaining the integrity of their programs and brands. As eLearning solutions have become more sophisticated, instructors are becoming more equipped to deliver better virtual experiences, establish more meaningful connections with their audiences, and create effective learning opportunities that are often superior to in-class experiences.  At the the forefront of the innovations in eLearning is Wiley.”Our mission is to leverage the latest technologies and transform learning environments into an  experience that is flexible, approachable and meaningful for learners and instructors,” says Bob Rectenwald, Program Development Manager at Wiley.

To support its clients and deliver the most seamless live learning experiences possible, Wiley partnered with Refined Data solutions to deploy Adobe Connect integrated with its video and support extension pod, Vantage Point.

Read how Georgetown University and Wiley used Adobe Connect in partnership with Refined Data to prove the value of virtual learning.