Immersive Learning
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Learning is life.

Life is Learning.

Continuing education is a fundamental part of maintaining a cutting-edge workforce. Consistent and immersive training is essential to develop or maintain a strong corporate culture and have it permeate more deeply.

Here’s the challenge: not all eLearning solutions are created equally. Choose a system that adapts to the way we learn as human beings—one that doesn’t expect you to adapt to the technology.

Also, ensure you learn from your learning system. Some of the factors you’ll want to track include engagement, retention, and Return on Instruction (RoI).

Who Is It For?

Inconsistent results from trainers mean inconsistent performance from employees. Unify your training voice by having your best trainers deliver the right messaging to all employees, then track the performance metrics to ensure everyone is getting on the same page. Get the best RoI possible.

As a CLO you’ll appreciate the consistent results from trainers and the validated metrics on trainees.  That’s because our e-learning systems compile the data you need to pin-point which programs are working, which trainers are excelling and which students are out-performing.

As CEO you’ll see the value in our LMS platform to implement a cultural change across the enterprise from top to bottom and across all streams. Consistent training methodology ensures your brand’s voice permeates.

As a CFO, you may find you’re seeing inconsistent results from department to department or location to location. The question is, are you getting the value from your LMS. Could you find a better resource to deliver more value without stretching resources?

Refined Data’s e-Learning platforms are used in universities and colleges, in retail chains, restaurant chains, and in the financial services and healthcare sectors.

They’re flexible, customizable and brandable.

Vantage Point™—the Right Prescription

Astellas Pharma Canada, Inc. is an innovative Canadian pharmaceutical company that takes pride in being innovative. With a vision of leading and learning, Astellas has made several significant investments in technology and specifically learning systems within their organization.

California State University’s Success with Industry-Leading Learning Solution

With 23 campuses statewide, more than 400,000 students, and 44,000 faculty and staff, the California State University system is among the largest, most diverse, and affordable university systems in the country.

Georgetown and Wiley partner to prove the value of virtual learning

Educational institutions and administrators are constantly caught in the struggle to deliver virtual learning programs to expand teaching opportunities while maintaining the integrity of their programs and brands.

Our Products

Our virtual classrooms, in tandem with our industry leading e-learning platform, drive results at both the enterprise and academic level. Crystal clear audio and video create a live and interactive e-learning environment with technology designed around the way we as humans actually communicate face-to-face.

Vantage Point for Adobe® Connect

Vantage Point merges the physical world with the virtual world to create a new space for learning or meeting.

Adobe® Connect

We are leaders in developing custom pods for Adobe Connect. Find out how we can empower you with virtual classrooms.

Refined Training LMS

A unique blended system that combines the power of Adobe® Connect virtual classrooms with an LMS platform.