About Us for Education

At Refined Data, we humanize technology by providing software solutions in three core service areas:

  • Risk and Sustainability
  • eLearning and Virtual Classroom Live Content Delivery
  • Learning Management Systems

Our clients span the globe and include multinational corporations, universities, government departments, accreditation bodies, real estate firms, consultancies, and property management firms — all of whom are leveraging our technology to make data driven decisions, connect communities, and enable authentic learning, communication, and collaboration.

Our Refined Risk product line enables property managers to capture, analyze, and report on large volumes of data to make informed decisions, meet regulatory compliance requirements, identify considerable cost savings and operational efficiencies, and track environmental impact, OH&S factors, and environmental risk.

In the Learning space we provide virtual learning and training solutions for data and course management and reporting as well as live course delivery that mimics the face to face classroom setting, maximizing facilitator and learner engagement, and capturing learner metrics of success.

It’s our goal to build a connected and sustainable world by creating innovative technology solutions that enable business management, and enhance awareness, collaboration, discovery, and growth.

Our Core Values

  • To engage and inspire the 'game changers' with 'off the page' innovation.
  • To create solutions that make you wonder why no-one has thought of them before.
  • To enable our clients to deliver learning to more people, in more places, at lower cost, and with a reduced carbon footprint.
  • To facilitate authentic connection—among students, instructors, trainers, managers, staff, and with our clients.
  • To make each and every client feel like our only client and to consistently excel at providing exceptional customer service.
  • To create a work environment that allows each employee to maximize their potential both personally and professionally, while making a meaningful contribution to the success of each client, and in doing so, to make the world a better place to learn, work and contribute.
  • To demonstrate respect for people and the environment in an unwavering commitment to integrity in all aspects of our business.
  • To provide exceptional value to our shareholders.

Our Mission

To build a connected and sustainable world by creating technology solutions that enable collaboration, discovery, and growth.

Our Vision

To deliver results for our clients, their students, and their employees that are not just more cost effective and socially responsible solutions, but smarter solutions that enable authentic and long-lasting learning.

Our Founders

Terry Shane

Officially, I’m CEO of Refined Data but what I love doing most are all those “un-executive” things in pursuit of the next big idea. I love listening to clients as they share their points-of-pain and, sometimes, their ideas for products and services that exist in concept only. I find myself connecting-the-dots to find those secret short cuts. I love learning, both personally and socially, and in a world where technological change is happening at an exponentially rapid pace, there are always new things to learn, new dots to connect and new tools to make yesterday’s “impossible”, tomorrow’s “possible.” This philosophy has been honed over 32 years owning and running two successful businesses, each of which has been an innovation leader in its field. I want to find better ways to help people learn, communicate and collaborate. It may sound corny, but sometimes you need to look at old problems in new ways. Software isn’t always the answer. Sometimes it’s all in how you approach the challenge.

Hugh Molyneux

As President of Refined Data Solutions, I am focused on combining my passion for innovation and sustainability with an unwavering commitment to maintaining and nurturing strong client relationships. I manage the negotiation and execution of contracts and sales for our Refined Risk Group and work closely with our development team to continue enhancing the Risk Platform with new features and functionality. For as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in nature and sustainability. My studies and career are an extension of that early passion, which is a key outcome of the Risk platform because I’d started as a hydro-geologist, cleaning up contaminated sites. As an entrepreneur and founder of three ventures, I am committed to life-long learning which is what fuels my passion at Refined Data. I truly believe that at Refined Data we are creating authentic connections for clients so that they too can engage and inspire others.

Our Partners



Adobe Connect is consistently ranked as the Leading Web Conferencing Solution and Virtual Classroom. It is also the only extensible platform allowing clients to build sophisticated applications that extend the underlying environment.

Refined Data Solutions is proud to be an authorized Adobe Connect Reseller, Licensed to provide Hosted, On Premise and Manage Solutions in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Australia.

Refined Data Solutions is also the World’s Leading Developer of Adobe Connect Extensions.



Refined Data is a Certified ZipDX Partner. With its next-generation audio collaboration features, ZipDX delivers an innovative solution to your tele-conferencing needs. It is especially efficient and powerful for organizations with multiple offices, mobile workers or virtual staff. When you use ZipDX, weekly sales calls, staff meetings, project reviews, client updates and other meetings will be easier to set up, start more quickly, run more smoothly and sound better than you thought possible.

Refined Data’s rPhone technology provides in-meeting control of all your ZipDX conference calls.

Our Clients