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Vantage Point provides a training, teaching and meeting space that combines the best of the virtual and the physical environments. Whether you’re in an academic or corporate setting, Vantage Point, offers a flexible virtual classroom solution enabling collaboration, engagement, and scalability that facilitates authentic learning.

Run fully online events or hybrid-online classes that meet or exceed the instructional integrity of in-person delivery. Our clients will tell you, they’ve never been able to achieve virtual training results like this before and learners confirm that this environment is like nothing they’ve ever experienced online.

Adobe Connect with Vantage Point is like Adobe Connect on Steroids!

Hybrid Online Classroom

Effective eLearning

Designed for the way humans actually learn and share, Vantage Point creates an eLearning space that not only maximizes instructor and participant communication, it virtually eliminates bandwidth limitations. Best of all, it leaves a zero-carbon footprint.

The Vantage Point Suite combines Vantage Point alongside our advanced telephone extension, rPhone and our interactivity extension Hands-Up! for a world-class online teaching and learning experience, these Adobe Connect custom pods will change the way you think about virtual classrooms.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is the most flexible virtual classroom platform available today and Vantage Point extends the underlying power of Adobe Connect by enabling facilitators to deliver the most immersive and interactive learning experiences. Sitting seamlessly on top of Adobe Connect, Vantage Point adds depth to your virtual classroom providing “jaw-dropping” capabilities that are simply not available in any other platform. If you are committed to virtual delivery, you need to see Vantage Point for yourself.

UC Berkeley Virtual Classroom

Vantage Point is a modular suite of Instructor & Producer tools
for Enterprise Adobe Connect Accounts

just add the tool to your Shared Content Library and your Connect  Templates
it’s 100% self-updating for a one-time “set and forget” deployment
enable additional features at any time with no further downloads required

The Vantage Point Suite : Advanced Adobe Connect Custom Pods for an unbeatable online experience.

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