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Adobe Connect Pods

Vantage Point Downloads

Vantage Point

View all of the students in your virtual classroom, call on them to add to the conversation, help them resolve technical issues on the fly, and set up peer-to peer collaborative learning in virtual breakouts.


Enhance and extend the teleconferencing capabilities of Adobe Connect including the support of breakout rooms, voice-to-text transcription and translation, and SIP phone integration.

Hands Up

Add fun, engagement and interactivity to your virtual classroom delivery with these emoji-like icons. Ask Questions and promote engagement with your audience.


Calculate the carbon, cost, and distance savings for your hosts and your meeting attendees. Quickly build a business case for virtual classroom delivery.

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Adobe Connect Integrations

Our Adobe Connect integrations give you everything you need to rapidly create, manage, deploy, and track highly engaging online training everyone can access instantly.

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Connect-2-Moodle provides a Single Sign On (SSO) to allow information to pass effortlessly in both directions. It’s so seamless, it’s hard to tell where Moodle ends and Adobe® Connect begins.

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You’ll quickly discover how easy it is to transform the virtual classroom into an environment that meets and often exceeds the engagement and energy level of face-to-face physical classroom sessions. Realize training and telephony cost savings, improve engagement and facilitate collaborative learning using Adobe Connect and RDS apps. 

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