Solutions for Compliance TrackingProvides Detailed Post Event Audit TrailsRandomized and Manual Attendance ChallengesFully NASBA Compliant Tracking

Business Coaching

Do your current compliance procedures for online courses consume hours of manual pre and post-event administration?

Do you have to set up dozens of duplicate compliance challenges for every class?

Do you have to manually download multiple CSV files just to establish who qualified for course credits?

Automate the entire process instead with the integrated compliance tools in Vantage Point.

Manual and Automated

Are you spending too long collating data?

CSV files? Excel spreadsheets?

Is that really the best we can do when collating participant data for compliance?

Vantage Point provides a fully automated platform delivering reliable results to your Admins, Instructors, Facilitators and Learners.

Real-Time Alerts

Take action before it’s too late

Alert participants in real time inside your classroom, if their challenge responses are falling below certification standards .

Why wait till after the event to notify participants they didn’t qualify for their professional credits? Our real-time alert system lets them know when they’re likely to miss the minimum response rate and allows Facilitators to intervene while the class is running. Issuing Professional Certification Credits has never been easier.

CPE/CPD/CLE and NASBA Compliance

Vantage Point and Adobe Connect can now handle all of your compliance needs with ease. Create an unlimited library of pre-defined quantitative and qualitative questions and assign them to Question Banks that you can use in any meeting. Trigger the questions manually or set up automated challenges with randomized challenge intervals.

We’ll tabulate the results and provide the response metrics as part of our automated data collation system. Retrieve the collated data manually or integrate with your LMS or back-end systems using our extensive API.

Pre-Build Persistent Surveys

No tedious repeated effort

With nine different question types and a complete administrative back-end, you can create sophisticated, reusable, persistent surveys and effortlessly deploy them in multiple Connect meetings.  Your question banks reside on the Vantage Point server ready to be used whenever you need them.

Share question results anonymously with your audience and let them see how their peers responded. You not only see the overall results, you can monitor how each participant responded to every question – even down to their response time. Use this facility to supplement Adobe Connect polling or as a stand-alone Questionnaire solution.

Whether you need to deliver an auditable attendance record for your event or you require sophisticated Compliance Tracking for Professional Education Credits, the Vantage Point extension for Adobe Connect has you covered. Create reusable question banks and have the system issue challenges to participants at regular or randomized intervals to meet the requirements of all professional certification bodies.

From NASBA Compliance for Accounting and Finance professionals, to Law, Medicine, HR and other fields of study, these tools ensure you remain within the legislated requirements for credit issuance. We even warn learners during a live class if they are falling behind in responding and might not qualify for credits unless they pay attention.

Depending upon how stringent your certification requirements might be, we can even detect when users are multi-tasking and allow you to monitor attendee body language and facial expressions for situations that require proctoring – you set the rules and the system takes care of the rest. It’s the closest thing you’ll find to in-person certification and monitoring, anywhere.

With Vantage Point on your side, you can save hundreds of  staff hours currently spent downloading CSV files and collating results and access the robust audit trail that comes with every session. You can even automate the entire process using our powerful APIs to extract the attendance and compliance data back to your LMS or other back-end systems. Compliance has never been this easy!

Our Compliance Solution is part of the modular Vantage Point suite of Instructor & Producer tools
for Enterprise Adobe Connect Accounts

just add the tool to your Shared Content Library and your Connect  Templates
it’s 100% self-updating for a one-time “set and forget” deployment
enable additional features at any time with no further downloads required

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