The most advanced audio extension for Adobe Connect.Combine Headset & Phone users in BreakoutsSimultaneous Interpretation in up to 10 LanguagesEnable up to 20 Private Sub-Audio ChannelsUse our unique One-Way-Glass to support learners

Click. Communicate.

Fully Integrated Audio with just one click. It’s that simple.

No other 3rd party audio platform delivers this level of integration with your Adobe Connect meetings. Remotely change any user’s microphone & speaker device and their volume, for trouble free communication – your meetings start on time, every time.

You can even let users change their audio channel to talk to support personnel during class without disturbing others.

Multiple conversations

Define up to 20 Private Audio Channels for side-bar conversations – our unique One-Way Glass feature lets you deliver voice-based technical support to users without disturbing the meeting in progress yet you can still hear the live proceedings. Also comes with sophisticated Waiting Room and Announcement audio channels.

Audio users are automatically merged with their Connect identities for effortless attendee management.

Wideband Audio
SIP, Phone & VoIP

With Toll-Free access points and local access numbers in over 50 countries, you’ll always make the right connections. Code Free Conferencing eliminates the need to remember long conference codes and our low International rates can save you 25% or more on your current costs. Dial Out to SIP Phones, use our Browser-based WebPhone, connect on Landline or Mobile phones worldwide or use the native Adobe VoIP – the choice is yours.

Break the language barrier

Simultaneous Interpretation in
up to 10 Languages in real time.

The system does the work

Schedule an automated dial-out to some or all Attendees before your meeting starts.

Your call is

Dial out to phones anywhere in the world, even SIP devices.

Don’t just talk.
Communicate with the power of rPhone.

Clarity & Convenience

Communication is essential to any business or academic collaboration and central to any immersive learning program. But not everyone communicates the same way.

rPhone is an audio extension module for Adobe Connect that is much more than just a telephony solution. Try our automated Voice-to-Text transcription that creates a near-realtime meeting transcript of your event proceedings for each speaker and even allows you to hear the audio used to produce each snippet.

Try our browser-based WebPhone for stress-free wideband audio that delivers advanced clarity and constant connectivity in your virtual classrooms. Even if your Adobe connection drops, you’ll remain in constant communication with the rest of your group – we’ll even put you back in the right Connect Breakout Room when the meeting reloads.

One-Time Installation

rPhone is part of the modular Vantage Point suite of Instructor & Producer tools for Enterprise Adobe Connect Accounts

Add the tool to your Shared Content Library and include it in all your Connect Templates and Events.

The module self-updates automatically and you can enable additional Vantage Point features at any time with no additional downloads

rPhone significantly enhances the Adobe Connect interface and allows you greater control and flexibility over all your audio options. Your Attendees will thank you.

Need Some Ideas

Our Audio Conferencing solution is part of a suite of tools we’ve created for Adobe Connect to revolutionize the way your organization delivers virtually.

Start your journey with a simple call. Ask us, we’ll explore your needs and present options.

See it for Yourself

Try the rPhone, the most advanced telephony pod for Adobe Connect, for yourself – contact us to see a demonstration and  arrange a trial account.

See how rPhone can help your business connect. Get in touch with our team if you want to make it a permanent part of the way you communicate.

rPhone is part of the modular Vantage Point suite of Instructor & Producer tools
for Enterprise Adobe Connect Accounts

just add the tool to your Shared Content Library and your Connect  Templates
it’s 100% self-updating for a one-time “set and forget” deployment
enable additional features at any time with no further downloads required

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