The most advanced audio conferencing.

Click. Communicate.

Start a call with just one click. Really, it’s that simple.

Multiple conversations

Use the back channels to hold sub-conferences and annotate privately.

Supports Wideband and SIP

Dial Out to SIP connections or SIP softphones with higher quality wide band audio.

Break the language barrier

Translate up to six languages in real-time.

The system does the work

Automatically dial out to all attendees or any attendee in your meeting room before the meeting starts.

Your call is waiting

Have invited guest called automatically or dial out to phones anywhere in the world.

Don’t just talk.
Communicate with the power of rPhone.

The little button that could.

rPhone is a one-time installation extension that is quick to set up and maintenance free. It significantly enhances the Adobe Connect interface and allows you greater control and flexibility over all your audio options.

Flat rate, worldwide pricing, means you pay the same for attendees in New York or New Delhi, in London, Canada or London, England—there 25 countries with local dial-in numbers with toll-free dial in for North America.

Need some ideas?

Our Audio Conferencing solution is part of a suite of tools we’ve created for Adobe Connect to revolutionize the way your organization delivers virtually. 

Start your journey with a simple call. Ask us, we’ll explore your needs and present options.

Want To Try Before You Buy?

Try out rPhone, the most advanced telephony pod for Adobe Connect,  for yourself in your free 30-day trial!

See how rPhone can help your business connect, and get in touch with our team if you want to make it a permanent part of the way you communicate.