Advanced Telephony Adobe Connect App

Click. Communicate.

Fully integrated audio with just one click.

Trouble free communication – start your meetings on time.

Talk to support personnel during class without disturbing others.

Multiple conversations

20 Private Audio Channels for side-bar conversations.

Waiting Room and Announcement audio channels.

Audio users are automatically merged with Connect identities.

SIP, Phone & VoIP

Toll-Free access points and local access numbers in over 50 countries.

Code Free Conferencing.

Dial Out to SIP Phones, use our Browser-based WebPhone, connect on Landline or Mobile phones worldwide or use the native Adobe VoIP.

rPhone is an Adobe Connect app that is much more than just a telephony solution.  With advanced features such as

Voice-to-Text transcription.

Browser-based WebPhone for stress-free wideband audio with constant connectivity

Self-updating and you can enable additional Vantage Point features at any time with no additional downloads

rPhone significantly enhances Adobe Connect and allows you greater control and flexibility over all your audio options.

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