Boost Engagement - Add Some Fun!

Participation Tracking

Our user-friendly interface encourages learner participation and interaction. Each colourful button has it’s own associated sound and you’ll notice an immediate boost to the amount of feedback you get from participants in classes that employ the HandsUp app.

Dynamic Notifications

Easily see who is engaging with the instructor while our sound-effects let you hear what the audience is thinking.

Listen to learners laugh at your jokes and applaud your presentations.
Your classes will come alive with this powerful multi-purpose tool.

Customizable Interface

Select from eleven attractive status icons to match your needs. Use our unique LifeLine icon to allow learners to request in-meeting support from a facilitator if they need assistance – perfect for larger events where the instructor is only responsible for content delivery but not for tech support.

Make It Fun!

Encourage learners to provide continuous feedback

Agree/Disagree – Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Hear the Laughter – Bask in the Applause

The most downloaded business tool for Connect

HandsUp was one of the first custom Connect pods and remains a must-have for every enterprise Virtual Classroom

Instant Polls

Gauge the temperature of your audience – see the response count even when the Attendee pod is hidden or in Breakout Mode.

Easily reset individual button counts, specific user responses or clear all Participant feedback with a single click!

Comprehensive Customization


Large attractive buttons make interaction easy and fun

Game-Show sounds provide intuitive audio feedback

Optionally, set a user’s status to “Stepped Away” if they switch mouse-focus to another program window or minimize the Connect screen – a great way to detect when you are losing your audience due to multi-tasking and distraction.

Installation is simple – the pod automatically adds itself to all Layouts and Breakout Rooms in your Connect classroom for effortless deployment. Add it to your Shared Templates for enterprise-wide implementation.

Completely integrated with the Connect Attendee pod

Hear attendees agree, disagree, laugh, applaud etc.

Encourage more interactive participation in your meetings

Reduce attendee “multi-tasking” and “zoning-out”

Add a fun element to all your meetings

Share responses with the audience

Auto-Updates – install once and enjoy a maintenance-free experience.

Hands Up is part of the modular Vantage Point suite of Instructor & Producer tools
for Enterprise Adobe Connect Accounts

just add the tool to your Shared Content Library and your Connect  Templates
it’s 100% self-updating for a one-time “set and forget” deployment
enable additional features at any time with no further downloads required

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