Sally Beauty Holdings

“The richness of the Adobe Connect platform combined with Vantage Point from Refined Data is unparalleled.”

“The richness of the Adobe Connect platform combined with Vantage Point from Refined Data is unparalleled.”

Adobe Connect custom extensions for audio (rPhone), interactivity (Hands-Up) and management (Vantage Point)


  • Reduce Training Costs

  • Greater Interactivity

  • Deliver Innovative Training

  • Reducing Training Time


  • Increased engagement.

  • Diverse Training Content

  • Interactive Lessons

  • Greater Control / Enhanced Metrics


  • Adobe Connect

  • Vantage Point

  • rPhone

  • Hands-Up

Sally Beauty Holdings stands out in the increasingly competitive beauty products industry, with over 5000 stores carrying over 10,000 haircare products from some of the biggest brands in the market.

It’s biggest advantage however, is its people and the company has prioritized its investment in them under an academy program known as “Greenhouse” – with the goal of nurturing growth throughout the company, regardless of position.

“Our goal for Greenhouse is to be a different type of leadership education. We challenge people to really think outside the box, and that means presenting material in very creative and dynamic ways. We create highly interactive classrooms where we experiment with paper airplanes, build things with Legos, and do other activities that get people thinking differently. The results have been outstanding.”

Yvette Birlew, Sally Beauty Holdings

This rich interactive element and high engagement setting was put to the test during the Covid-19 pandemic. Standard video conferencing tools simply weren’t good enough, but Adobe Connect and the Vantage Point Suite from Refined Training could deliver the experience they were after. The end result is a highly interactive virtual training environment.

Other Benefits

The move to a virtual training classroom has yielded other benefits – with managers able to join sessions from the field, the ability for participants to easily reschedule sessions and join sessions that fit within their busy lifestyle.

“Moving to virtual learning allows us to reach many more associates and expand our leadership education. Engagement is on the rise and learners feel more invested when we give them more control over where and when they learn.”

Bri Groves, Sally Beauty Holdings

The final solution utilized Refined Training’s Vantage Point custom extensions for Adobe Connect including rPhone audio conferencing solution and Hands-Up! for greater interactivity.

“Adobe Connect is the only web conferencing platform that really allows for this sort of extensibility,” says Terry Shane, President & CEO of Refined Training Solutions. “With Vantage Point, customers can build on the extensive capabilities of Adobe Connect to create an incredibly engaging, interactive, and powerful learning environment.”

For the complete story, including additional information on how Refined Training’s Vantage Point suite was utilized, please read Sally Beauty Holdings Case Study (will open in a new tab or window).

“The richness of the Adobe Connect platform combined with Vantage Point from Refined Data is unparalleled. It makes me feel like I’m standing in the same room with trainees. Other virtual systems just can’t compare.”

Yvette Birlew, Director of Learning & Development, Sally Beauty Holdings, Sally Beauty Holdings Inc.

This solution utilized

Vantage Point
Vantage Point provides a training, teaching and meeting space that combines the best of the virtual and the physical environments.
Vantage Point
rPhone is an advanced telephony solution. With advanced features such as Voice-to-Text transcription, Browser-based WebPhone for stress-free wideband audio with constant connectivity
Hands-Up : An Adobe Connect App to Boost Participation and Engagement, with participation tracking, polls and more.