Communicate your ideas using Adobe® Connect™ Nobody knows Adobe® Connect™ like we doDiscover why Connect is the best platform for TrainingLearn why Extensibility makes Connect the logical choiceNobody knows Adobe® Connect™ like we do

Resellers with a Difference

As an authorized Adobe® Connect™ Reseller with over 20 years of experience there are few vendors who understand the platform the way we do.

Anyone can sell you licenses, but we do more than just sell software—we look to understand your unique business needs and use-cases and then help you to implement the platform and train your team to get the most out of it too!

Our clients are fiercely loyal to us because many of them have been working with us for years or decades and we’ve helped them in situations that go above and beyond what you might expect of a traditional vendor relationship. Find out what makes us different.

Custom Pods

Extensibility is a unique feature of the Adobe® Connect™ Platform. The ability to add new functionality within the virtual environment is unique in the web conferencing world and it opens huge opportunities for online Academic Delivery, Enterprise L&D departments and niche Training companies.

Refined Training is the undisputed leader in custom application development for the Connect environment and our solutions are unrivalled. Adobe Connect is an incredible virtual solution out of the box, but when paired with Custom Extensions from Refined Training, you’ll understand why nobody knows Connect like we do.

Global Reach

Licensed to provide Hosted, On-Premise and Fully Managed Solutions in North America, EMEA and APAC, we can help implement your vision for Live Virtual Online, and Live Virtual-Hybrid delivery around the world. Our clients include leading Universities, Government Agencies, Fortune 500 Corporations and Associations.

Even if you purchased your Connect licenses from another vendor, we can extend your existing account with our Best-of-Breed Audio Solutions and other modular components that enable Connect to do more than any other virtual platform, bar none. Whether you’ve been using Connect for many years or are completely new to the platform, you literally won’t believe what we can do for your virtual delivery.

Nobody knows Adobe Connect like we do!

Communicate your ideas powerfully using Adobe Connect web conferencing software.

Adobe Connect is consistently ranked as the leading web conferencing solution and virtual classroom. It is also the only extensible platform allowing clients to build sophisticated applications that extend the underlying environment.

Securely share presentations and multimedia right from your desktop, and get feedback from hundreds of participants – all using juat a web browser.

World Leading Custom
Adobe Connect Extensions

Vantage Point

Merge the physical world with the virtual world to create a new space for learning or meeting.


rPhone is a powerful audio and telephony extension that significantly extends the native Connect audio functionality.


Put the fun back in your classes or meetings while increasing audience interactivity.
Add Hands Up to your environment and hear the applause.

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