Adobe Connect Pods

Communicate your ideas powerfully using Adobe® Connect™ web conferencing software

We are the world leader in developing Custom Pods for Adobe Connect. Get more value out of your meetings by using our applications, listed below. They’re all free to try and easy to use.

Vantage Point™ for Adobe® Connect

Vantage Point merges the physical world with the virtual world to create a new space for learning or meeting.

rPhone™ for Adobe® Connect

rPhone is a powerful telephony extension capable of simultaneously translating up to six languages.

Hands Up™ for Adobe® Connect

Put the fun back in your classes or meetings: Plug in Hands Up! and hear the applause.

Footprints—Carbon Calculator for Adobe® Connect

Calculate and report on your enterprise carbon cost and mileage savings in your Adobe Connect meeting rooms, and share a map of everyone’s location in your room.


A simple app that makes sharing web videos in Adobe® Connect fast and easy, Cachet supports Youtube and all major video formats. Stream high quality to your attendees even with sub-optimal connections. Everyone starts and ends the videos together.