Case Studies

RDS solutions in action

Learn how our our solutions are helping corporations, educational institutions, learning and development professionals, instructors and administrators overcome obstacles and address significant challenges in their virtual teaching and training programs. For over a decade, our innovative tools have helped our clients deliver large and small-scale teaching and training across continents at a significantly reduced cost and carbon footprint, with innovative products and solutions. Contact us to share your story of how Refined Data Solutions has helped you solve a challenge in your elearning programs or virtual curriculum delivery. 

Astellas Pharma, Inc. is an innovative pharmaceutical company that takes pride in being at the forefront of their industry. With a vision of leading and learning, Astellas has made several significant investments in technology and specifically learning systems within their organization. Working with Refined Data Solutions and using Vantage Point… [ read full ]
Educational institutions and administrators are constantly caught in the struggle to deliver virtual learning programs to expand teaching opportunities while maintaining the integrity of their programs and brands. As eLearning solutions have become more sophisticated, instructors are becoming more equipped to deliver better virtual experiences, establish more meaningful connections with… [ read full ]
When you’re running an enterprise in a country the size of Australia, how you communicate and update your workforce becomes a massive logistical problem. First, as the sixth largest country on the planet, there’s the sheer size of the country to consider and secondly, there’s the associated challenge of travel. Flying… [ read full ]
With 23 campuses statewide, more than 400,000 students, and 44,000 faculty and staff, the California State University system is among the largest, most diverse, and affordable university systems in the country. It’s also among the most innovative and forward-thinking, as the university puts cutting-edge technologies to good use to support… [ read full ]